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Let's Build a Temple for Your Spirit!!!

Rapid fat & body weight loss

We will design a program for our clients to be able to rapidly lose body fat & decrease body weight. Our system will have high intensity routines that will be able to target specific areas on a clients temple. We will make fat cry! Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! ASK ABOUT 90 DAY TEMPLE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!!!

Increase Energy & Happiness

By developing the lifestyle of health & fitness as a necessity your temple will increase tons of energy for your daily life! The result of natural energy will be expressed with your happiness to the world!


Body Transformation & Spiritual Growth

Our clients temple will be able to transform to the body that they always imagined! You must believe & be self-disciplined in order to begin your transformation. By doing so you will be reconnected with your inner spirit & become complete with temple & spirit!


Lean & tone muscles

The workout programs will be able to increase & develop muscle tissue & lean out any fat! During training our client will be able to achieve the required amount of repetitions & sets to be able to achieve these goals! The result will be a lean & tone temple!


Positive Attitude & Thinking

The mental state of mind is the source of achieving any Temple Construction project. The clients attitude will be adjusted to the " WINNERS" way of thinking. Positive, positive & positive!!! If its not already positive it will be after this program. GUARANTEED!  


Muscular Strength & Endurance

If the client wants their temple to be transformed into a bodybuilder physique or a toned & ripped physique... The temple must develop muscular strength & endurance. Our Temple Construction projects will be able to design specific exercises to develop muscle strength & endurance that clients never knew they had. The power within each temple will be released!

Nutritional Advice & Guidance

This area is a major component to your temple being transformed to the body of your dreams! We will be able to advise you on making better, smarter, healthier & beneficial decisions on your diet & nutrition. By managing your daily meals & consuming healthier foods your temple will automatically adjust to a new lifestyle of eating behaviors! We will also suggest a list for you to go to the grocery store to buy & choose the right foods! Meal planning, prepping & cooking is the key to your transformation. 



Core Specific Training

Your core is the source of where your energy is ignited throughout your temple. Each exercise will have focus on the core area in order to create the abdominal area every client wants. We all have a 6 pack...its just underneath all the fat! We will dig up that dirt and discover the treasure of having tone,tight & ripped abs!


Flexibility & Conditioning

During the workouts we will improve the range of motion of joints with stretching exercises. This will improve flexibility & conditioning of the temple for each muscle group. The flexibility allows support for muscle growth & elongate muscles back to resting length.



Overall physical & mental health

When the decision is made to hire Temple Construction to transform your physique...Your overall physical & mental health will be uplifted to new heights! Mentally you will become more creative & sharp! Physically you will walk more confident & alive!!!!



Ventilate, circulate & metabolate. Proper breathing techniques during aerobic or anaerobic exercises will allow oxygen consumption throughout your temple. At this rate the body will burn calories into a chemical reaction of a cell in a living tissue that transfers useable materials into energy for your temple!!!

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Let's Build a Temple for Your Spirit!!!
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